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HMI and embedded application layers, focused on performance and user experience

HMI and User Experience

With the advent of smartphones and consumer applications, the requirements of embedded system users have increased significantly.

Plexant's comprehensive system expertise is an asset to improve the interaction of the application with the low level software part.

Our unique expertise in frameworks such as Qt or TouchGFX, as well as our expertise in Open GL, enable us to adjust the various chain components to achieve the best performance.

Code once, run everywhere, save time and cost

Cross platform applications

Today, there is a patchwork of different OS and hardware, and applications must necessarily adapt to many types of devices (smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.), on several platforms.

Plexant  masters application development using the main frameworks on the market and practicing highly portable code with C, C++ and other portable langages. This makes it possible to effectively meet cross-platform needs and to improve developments, while streamlining costs.

Experienced in developping with a wide variaty of processors

x86, ARM, Xscale, Cortex-M, PIC8, PIC32, DSP

Our Embedded Software Team is highly experienced in developing and porting BSPs for numerous Realtime- and Embedded systems, including ARM, x86, PowerPC, XScale, DSP and Motorola processor families.

Customized for your requirements, we will provide exactly what you need: from simple porting up to complete solutions including boot loader and driver development.