Software engineering partner

Plexant is a leading provider of software development, embedded systems and electronics products and services for startups, industrial groups and R&D entities.

from research proto to production-ready

Science &
Artificial Intelligence

Once a research concept is proofed, it is time to transform researcher's work into a production-ready piece of software. Benefit from Plexant 10 years of experience in scientific software!

Make your device heart beat strong

Embedded software

What is the most sophisticated electronic device without a great software? Plexant will provide exactly what you need: from simple porting up to complete solutions including boot loader and driver development.

Interconnect your industrial systems

Industry 4.0
& Communication

The new industrial revolution is about making systems smarter, reconfigurable and interconnected. Plexant brings 10 years of experience in fieldbus and industrial systems interconnection.

Let your device join the network

Internet of Things
& Platforms

There is an increasing offer of new systems to bring data to machines and devices. LoRa, Sigfox, LTE, BLE, Wifi...Plexant makes your object connected

Software services, research and international sales from a central place

Plexant Luxembourg

Located at a central position in europe, at the crossing of highways and main transportation roads, the Luxembourgish Plexant site is the central brain and command center of our organisation.

1000 m2 of offices, lab, storage and factory space

Plexant France

Close to the main Luxembourgish offices, the french entity in Metz is a key asset of Plexant industrial activities.

Due to its unique facilitie, it is the place where most of the technical operations take place, along with the mecanical department and the main production lines.

This technical center also delivers software services, close to its customers in est of France.